From 12/2/19 through 12/I6/19, I am raising funds for the New Hope Shelter, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity and our local homeless shelter here in Cadillac, Michigan.


This fundraiser is tied to a giveaway on The Beige Blues' Instagram account (@thebeigeblues) and Facebook page (The Beige Blues) and is not affiliated with or sponsored by any person or entity other than The Beige Blues. To participate in the giveaway, please make a donation in the space below and then go to @thebeigeblues on Instagram or The Beige Blues on Facebook and write a comment on the 12/2/19 post indicating the dollar amount of your donation. After cross-referencing the donation, I will assign a number based on the U.S. dollars given and I will confirm your assigned numbers in a reply to your comment on the applicable social media post (e.g. $5 will equal 5 consecutive numbers assigned; $10 will equal 10 consecutive numbers assigned, etc.). The prize winners will be selected solely from the pool of commentators on the 12/2/19 Instagram and Facebook posts. "Liking" the post or following any account or page is not required although sharing the post is appreciated as it will help promote the fundraising efforts.


At the close of the contest, I will run the numbers through a random number picking application and announce the winners in a post on 12/17/19. The prizes will include a $500 Amazon gift card donated by Pioneer Michigan Broach Company, a custom original painting donated by Debbie Allen (@pennyfeathersvintage), a necklace donated by Serendipity boutique here in Cadillac, a decorative pink peacock, and the book "Paris Apartment" (with the latter two prizes being donated by me). I will pay the shipping charges to send the prize to the winner although the winner will be responsible for any customs charges or similar fees (whether anticipated or not) beyond basic shipping fees. The fundraising goal is $1,000 and this amount must be reached in order to complete the giveaway and release prizes.

No statements made in connection with this giveaway and fundraiser shall be construed as, and shall not be relied upon for, the giving of tax advice.

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