the beige blues

Michelle Carder

I was an insurance litigator for more than 21 years, practicing law around the country but mostly in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. I didn't have many spare (non-billable) hours available for frivolous stuff, but what time I could find, I spent painting and decorating (over and over) my homes, first in Irvine and then in the quaint historic district known as Old Towne Orange.


Things were pretty routine for my husband and me until 2013, when my husband left his job of more than 30 years to start his own business. A month later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  From that point, the winds of change kept blowing, sometimes with gale force intensity, before sweeping us out of California and dropping us down in a lovely small town called Cadillac, Michigan.

I have spent the past year fixing up our 1902 Queen Ann and getting to know this beautiful state and its people. I got licensed to practice law here but kept my California license active so I could do work for my husband's business while chasing the dream of being a writer. But a few days before I started this blog (and frankly before I really even knew was a "blog" was), something clicked in my brain. I realized I could combine my love of color, decorating, and design with my gifts as a writer and storyteller.  


So, here I am writing a blog. It is about how ordinary people can create extraordinary and outrageously fun places to live and work. Because if I've learned anything from my years as a pit bull litigator and as a cancer survivor, it's this:


Life's too short for beige.

             LORI BRYSTAN
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June 20, 2018

February 14, 2018

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the beige blues

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